How can I stop youtube video playing after closing the pop-up window?

I have tried several forum solutions all day long. But I still couldn’t fix the issue.
The popup design are included informations ,some description for the videos and videos from youtube. There are two videos in the same popup.
If I close the popup window the video still playing. How can I stop the video playing after closing the popup window ? I am not familiar with coding stuffs. Anyone can help or teach me how to do?

Great question @Shermen_Ma thank you so much for asking!

In the past I’ve usually gone with our Lightbox element to prevent having to custom code anything for videos in a modal.

There are some custom code routes discussed in this thread, too:

Can you please share your Read-Only link to your site if you need any additional help? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Waldo. Because I didn’t create the pop up with the lightbox element, is it still possible for me to add the code on my page ? and where should I add ? Thank you so much for your help

you can scroll down and there are several images with colorful boxes. When you click that you will see the pop up show. The video still playing after closing the pop up window.