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Problem with popup video

Hey guys! I’ve made a popup video on my landing page with interaction. Everything seemed ok, but when i play a video and close popup the video keep playing. The only way to stop video is to press pause on player.
Is there any way to make it stop when I close popup and do not press pause.

P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes, I’am not a native speaker :smile:

I think, with Javascript using YT or Vimeo API. Both my developers say the YT API is more difficult to use than the Vimeo one.

Hi @nikpribytkin, if you are using an interaction, the video will not stop playing after you close the window. You would need to either

A. Use a lightbox for your videos, when the lightbox is closed, the video will close and it is really easy to add videos, just paste in the Youtube or Vimeo video link. If you are using your own hosted videos, this method will not work, you will need to use method #1.

B. Control the popup window using javascript, see the Pop Up Modal tutorial, and stop the video using the YT or Vimeo API when the modal is closed.

I hope this helps, maybe some others have a suggestion :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Wow I never knew about that! Very handy.