How can I stop animations moving the whole page

Hi guys,

I’m running into a problem I can seem to find a solution for. In my section 2, I have a tab layout that lets users select a tab which displays appropriate content through animations. The problem is that every time I switch tab the whole page seem to scroll. (Which I don’t want, I want my tab layout centered in the section and not affecting anything else).

Here is my project :

I would greatly appreciate any help on this !

Hi guys, pushing the subject as I have spent hours trying to figure out how to fix this problem with no success.

Please help !

I can only see a very slight scroll of a few pixels each time I click a tab, is that it?

Didyou try to redo it from scratch and check at each step is the scroll was happening again? If not, do that. Redo everything, don’t reuse the classes.

Hi guys,

I recorded a short video with my animation problem because it’s quite hard to explain :

Here is my public share link: []