How can I restore the template I bought to the original to start over?

Hello everyone,

I need some help with this. First time using webflow. It is not looking very intuitive.

some elements disappeared from my template and I want to start over but now it is messed up and I want it to reset to the original. How do you do that? Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community @RonKhoury :wave:

I’d recommend using the automatic backups to restore the original version of the theme you purchased:

I’m sure you’ve already checked it out, but the Webflow University is a great resource if you’re just starting out with the platform with tons of free videos and documentation. If you run into something you can’t figure out with the provided help content — like your question about reverting a purchased theme — then we’re always here to help in the forums!

Hopefully that helps and happy Webflow-ing :webflow_heart:

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