How can I redesign my slider responsively for mobile display

Hi there!

I am trying to fix a slider I made that seems to work for almost all screens except for mobile landscape. I have a slider with a column inside to create a unique layout for the content inside each slide. However, I’m having an issue with responsiveness on mobile. I would like to know if I should just redo it and have a grid inside the slider for each slide or just keep the columns I have now. This question is all for the “Test Section” page on my design. I would like an expert opinion on this, and if it’s possible to implement using Grid could someone explain or maybe show how?

UPDATE: I was able to fix the responsive issue with the slides. I removed the columns inside the slides idea and made it a grid. Check out the “Test Section” located in my read only link.

That being said, can anyone show me how to make my sliders bigger for the 1920px+ version? I am trying to figure out how to make them take up most of the empty space on the bigger screens like in tablet or for ~1200px. But on 1920px+ it just has so much surrounding space :confused:

Thank you!!

READ ONLY LINK: Webflow - NO GRADIENT Effycient Accelerator Program