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How can I notch corners of a button without using a gradient?

I’ve been working on a new portfolio website and I’ve taken inspiration from Tesla’s Cybertruck site. I saw a video of Flux redesigning it in WF, but I cannot for the life of my figure out how his custom code was able to notch the corner of that button.

I noticed in another post someone suggesting that you use a gradient background, using 4 values, two transparent and 2 completely opaque you’d be able to achieve a hard change in color that would match with the background of the element under the button, however when I try to animate a state change using this method, something as simple as increasing the opacity, the change will not animate, just jump between the two colors.

I tried using custom code from here, however it did not seem to work. I do not know CSS and couldn’t make much sense of it. I tried to copy the code from the video I saw (also taken from that webpage and modified to fit his needs) and it still would not display on the published site.

If anyone could offer guidance, it would be much appreciated!