Simple Button Hover transition not working


I am trying to create a simple smooth transition between the normal state and the hover state of a button. I just want to change the color of the button (the background color). While in the normal state, I have selected in Transitions “background color” and set the time to 400 ms. However, it does not create the smooth transition.
The button is the “Programare” button from the hero section in the homepage.

Has anyone else had this problem? Would really appreciate some help

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @Andrei_Merisca

You’re using the wrong colour option, change it to the background colour which is the can of paint:

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Best way to show a different color when hovering will be with the Hover State and not with transitions.
See this short video.

After choosing a different color for Hover State, to smooth out the transition between the colors, do a Transition. see this video

ps. nice website!

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Thank you Aaronocampo! :pray:

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Thank you Eli11! Problem solved!

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