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How can I make my services page look more appealing?

Hi Guys/Girls,

I’m wondering how I can make my services page look more appealing. I created the page based on using tabs so the user does not have to scroll for hours to just read basic information.

I need assistance on what I can do to make it look more appealing/professional. I already looked at the interactions 2.0 page and webflow interactions, but I need help on how I can make it visually more appealing. Please. I’ve run out of ideas.


Xternal Designs

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @XternalDesigns

It’s a clean minimal site, but for me too minimal on the services page - it’s actually difficult for a user to know those are actually tabs to click on and not just text.

In keeping with the minimal style, I would style the tabs the same way you have the ‘view our services’ button on the home page. I’d probably give them all that transparent background with blue border, and then filled with the blue when it is the active tab.

That way, it will be nice and clear which salon, service etc they are viewing.

In terms of interactions, you could maybe delay the text displaying where you have multiple paragraphs - so para 1 fades in 500ms, para 2 1000ms, para 3 1500ms - a relaxed vibe.

An image to accompany each tab would probably be good too, the homepage is strong on images, but needs some on the services page.

Hope that’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:


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True!!! Thank’s @StuM I appriciate the feedback.

Thank you,

Xternal Designs

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