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How can I make every media look the same?

I trying to do the “mobile-first” web site.
but I want let desktop look the same just like phone and tablet.
how can I do this ?
thanks a lot.

You should work the other way around!

Start with desktop then work to tablet > smartphone landscape > smartphone portrait.

Every style you determine in desktop, will cascade down. So when you change a style in tablet view, it is changed for everything below tablet (smartphone), but not above (dekstop).

Hi @jasonshow we don’t yet support mobile-first. As @rowan pointed out it’s desktop-first so instead of styles cascading up from mobile, all your styles cascade down from desktop to mobile.

Hi @thesergie are you reconsidering to have an option switch for mobile first? I find thinking from bottom to up is easier, isn’t it?

We’re considering adding this functionality. We decided to start with desktop-first because it’s easier to understand for most people.