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How can I implement a list element that changes video played?

in my project I want to element some kind of list at the left side and then a video on the right side. When pressing one of the list elements the video for that aspect should be played and there should appear some kind of a descreiption under the normal headline of the text element.

A good example of that is used on the pitch website at the section “Build stunning decks in record time”

Is there any way I could implement this? I don’t even find a way with custom code.

Help is very appreciatiated!
Best regards

This is totally doable in Webflow using tabs. Check out the tabs tutorial on the Webflow University.

You can style it any way you like but the basic idea is the same: click on different tabs/headings to display different divs (which will contain each video). Here’s a Flowbase template that looks and functions a lot like the Pitch example.