Interactions (move) will not repeat infinitely whenever clicked

Hello all!

I’m having difficulty with some interactions. :upside_down_face: I am trying to make an interaction between two symbols which call on each other. I set up my interactions like this:

As first click interactions where clicking the contact button makes the form pop up and the button drop down, and clicking the X makes the form and the contact button return to their original places (Y movements of the same increments).

What I can’t figure out how to do is to make these interactions repeat themselves infinitely whenever they are clicked? It stops after the first iteration.

Thanks for any help,
Andrew :fox_face:

Here is my public share link: VOD Factory
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I believe the repeat you’re looking for is blocked because the second time you try it, that envelope element is thinking its the “blank” second click. This is my guess.

Could you potentially have the little envelope be your close button as well? And maybe have the envelope icon itself change to the “X”? This is actually a nice user experience as well since the button would remain in the same spot for opening and closing. With this method, you would simply give the button a second click interaction to close the form.

I do like how the envelope icon moves down. That’s a nice effect. So to achieve the “second click” property, the little switcharoo would happen inside of your click element. Hope that makes sense!

Also, you can assign a pointer cursor to the little envelope button. Select that button in Webflow, and scroll to the very bottom of the Properties palette. There is a dropdown selector for “cursor”. The default is an arrow but you can change to pointer finger! Helps users know it’s clickable.

Also, for a nice little adjustment, go to your “Contact descend” interaction > select the first element (Form Block) > go down to where it says “Duration .05sec” and change that to 0. Select the second element “Contact Button” and change this to 0sec as well. This will get rid of that slight hesitation you see after clicking to close the form.

Hello there! Thanks so much for your time and these answers, that makes sense to me! I’m going to see what I end up doing to make it work. :smiley:

I actually have another question, and rather than make a second thread I’m going to take my shot here!

You must have noticed that there is unwanted horizontal scrolling going on on my pages? I’ve read through other threads that explain this often happens with a width of 100% or VW, however I can’t seem to find the one that is causing the problem on my pages? Could this be due to anything else?

Have a great weekend and thanks again!