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How can I fix this site on mobile? Please help!


I recently cloned this great template but I am having trouble using it. I deleted a couple items in order to have no lag/ loading issues on mobile but. I tried to go through every div to see what’s been causing the issue but I cannot seem to rectify the problem.

The page with the issue I am having is the services page.

I tested the site on two phones. A Samsung galaxy s6 and an iPhone 6. The Samsung loads it but lags when scrolling down as if the animation is causing it.

On the iPhone 6, the animation loads perfectly but it seems there is a div block that is outside the resolution?

I’d really appreciate any feedback I can receive on this issue!

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @XternalDesigns, i’m having difficulty to understand what did you want this page to behave like, since there 3 divs one on the top of the other and actually when trying to preview, everything looks black. That goes for the sections and services pages.

Please see attached video to see what I mean!


I posted a few comments to assist clarification!!

Thank you.

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