How can i fix "Non-descriptive link content"

i am having issue non-descriptive link content warning from my site. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to solve this non-descriptive link content problem. I’ve already added alt texts to my images and also arai-label custom attribute but this still show up?

run links : Blogs - Your Go-To Spot for Sarvadhi Updates

Any help is greatly appreciated.

@Nensi_Butani link blocks need a text block that describes (like alt text) set that block to hidden, will show up in html and google reads it. Problem solved.

You can make a data attribute of aria-label then use the value to describe the link

Could you please explain in a bit more detail how to do it?

Hi Nensi,

You misspelled the attribute name as arai, it should be spelled aria. This should fix your issue :slight_smile:

Thank you… it’s working now.

yes. it’s working.
Thank you!