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How can I do this in Webflow?

I am referencing this website:

If you scroll down to the purple button that says For Homeowners and For Tenants, and click each one, you’ll see that section change. Is this possible in Webflow? Please show me how to do this :slight_smile: How can the same section/div block/container change when a button is pressed?

You can use tabs. :wink: All you have to do is style the tabs the way you want and put all your content inside of them. You could also do this with the click interaction. :+1:

Ah, of course, tabs…I rarely think of using tabs, thanks!

No problem, please mark the post that helped you as the solution as to let the Forum know that your question has been resolved. Thanks! :wink::+1:

Ok, I will mark it. I do have one other question though, I added the tab and tried to style the tabs just as they are in, but I am having trouble styling them. It seems like the tabs on the their website are just one item. For example, the shadow behind the For Landlords/For Tenants button is all one shadow, but when I try to do that in mine, the shadow is separated into two shadows. How do I style my tabs just like theirs? Including getting them centered on the page? Thanks!

Here is my website for comparison:

try not using position absolute.

Ok, I am not using absolute, but the tabs are still off to the right, even though I have positioned them relative and centered in the designer.

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