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How Can I delete this empty space?

Hi there, :smile:
I have been reading the forum for some months and it has been very educative for me in the use of webflow.
Now I am trying on a new project to create a website for a travel agency but I do not know how to delete an empty space that appears on my mobile version on the right.
I know this is something that a lot of people asks on the forum, but after a lot of hours trying to adjust the paddings to find the problem I could not see where is the problem.
Please If somebody finds where is the problem tell me :sweat:

There’s different issues causing this:

  1. Rotation applied to several sections
  2. Negative margin in different sections, images and containers
  3. Elements bigger than the canvas
  4. Incorrect use of percentages, vw and vh throughout the project

Take a look at all of those things and let me know if you want me to point some of them out for you.