Extra space on the right on mobile

Hi there,

My website on mobile has several issues overflowing out of the screen.

On the upper half of the page, there is a small yellow space. When you get to the ‘‘where we start’’-section near the bottom, there is an much bigger space on the right that needs scrolling.

How do I get my page to fit horizontally perfectly, without those yellow spaces on the right.


Div block 330 needs some attention. Try adjusting the gaps and width percentages.

Text block 51 also has a 5% margin that isn’t needed.

Thanks for checking, changed the 71% to 70%, and removed the gap between columns. Also removed the 5% side of the text block but nothing happened.

On mobile, the enormous extra space seems to show up when scrolled untill a small part of the Google Maps becoming visible. Can’t find anything around that map …

I figured it out. There was an element with the ineraction that slides-in/out from the left which was causing the big extra space on the right. I have removed that interaction, and now the extra space right is gone.