How can I customize a "select" form in webflow?

Look at my screenshot: I can’t change the radius of the “select” form in webflow. It has always rounded corners. Why the hell?

Not possible to do much with it at the moment. There’s very little you can do with the Select-element but I know this is on the list but not sure what its priority is. I belive change font and change the gradient-ish background is the only thing you can do at the moment. I really hope this and the checkboxes and radio buttons get a real life soon!

Thanks for your reply. I mean this feature is soooooooo basic to create a standard website. It makes total no sense to have input forms with no rounded corners and a select form with rounded corner. This sucks so much… :slight_smile:

Yeah, this should be updated a while ago IMHO, but on the other hand…that wish list for all sorts of updates to the designer and its functionality and elements is humongous, so I have a total understanding they prioritize other stuff! :smile:

The select is not that easy to change and works very different in different browsers.
Heres an article from Css Tricks

I know this don´t do exactly what you want but it´s an example what you could do.

Code Pen

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