How can i create 360 panorama

Hi folks,

this is my first try on webflow.
The question is: If my customer want a homepage with an 360 panorama picture and the navbar above, how can i create it on webflow?

Could someone help me? Is it impossible to create a heading like this?

greetings from Germany cologne :slight_smile:

Hi CB,

Greetings from the UK man. When you say a 360 panorama, do you mean something like Matterport offer for property walkthroughs here?

I haven’t used them but know when you buy their hardware you get the relevant software and API to allow you to embed the widget as part of your site in your Hero section.

The problem is the price of the hardware.

I hope I’m catching your drift anyway and that you get somewhere looking into Matterport’s products.

Take care,

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