Embed a 360 photo on a webflow site

Hi there, just discovered webflow and designing my first website with it. It looks promising for what I want to do but I’m searching a way to paste an embed code on my website.

I’m trying to embed a 360 photo viewer as a header. For this matter, I’m using the service Panoraven.

  1. Basically I uploaded my photos on this page : https://panoraven.com/en/share-360-photo


  1. After the upload, all is working great, I have access to the 360 viewer and an integration code:


And the following embed code :

<iframe width="880px" height="500px" allowFullScreen="true" style="display:block; margin:0 auto; border:0 none;" src="https://panoraven.com/fr/embed/fIoRXpIjgT"></iframe>

Question : Where do I need to put this code in webflow to embed this 360 viewer? Thanks very much for your support :slight_smile:

Hi @jonas-olkins,

I’m sorry your post has been replied to.

You can try adding a code element in your header section and then insert the iframe code.

Let me know if you have resolved this so I can close this post.