How can I animate text on page load when using a preloader?

I’ve built a preloader on our site that animates the hero text once the preloader finishes but he preloader only shows on first visit. So for repeat visitors I’ve set up a second animation for only the hero text.

The problem is the second animation seems to play before the preloader finishes so the hero text appears at 100% opacity. I’ve tried changing the order so hero text starts when page starts loading and the preloader when page finishes loading but nothing seems to do the trick. Any thoughts?

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Ive managed to make this work by resetting the opacity of the hero text to 0% in the preloader animation. This way if the second animation has already played it won’t appear when the preloader finishes but if a repeat visitor’s browser has already loaded the text it won’t be affected.

Not sure if this is the most elegant way to do it but it worked