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How to set fade in text on load

My text keeps showing up and then disappearing and I’m not sure what to do. You can see it in the page triggers.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi, its doing nothing at the moment as the elements on trigger shows !
What is it that you actually want the text to do and when?

When the page loads, have the text go from 0% transparency to 100% in 1 second.

delete what you have in transactions.
Click the element say H! Heading
Click + choose opacity.
Change it to 0%
Flick the switch to on for “Set as initial State”
Click + choose opacity
Change it to 100% and choose how long you want the effect to take, dont forget the easing from liniar to say In Circ

Thank you! It worked.

Brilliant, now have some fun :wink: