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How are you all handling forms for your clients?

so i am new to webflow and have built one personal site and just finished my first client site.
my thought was that i would convince my client to keep the site on webflow servers and charge them a monthly hosting and maintenance fee which would include the $5 monthly charge for the custom domain (thanks to whomever mentioned that setup on here).

however i just realized i am going to run into an issue when it comes to the forms on the site. this particular project has two forms…one that will feed into a mailchimp list and one that just needs to send the data to a company email address. so now i have run into two issues (1) how to set up the forms to send to two different places (2) how to handle the cost for the form processing through webflow…as from what i understand after a certain number of form submittals i will be charged for the processing

has anyone come across these issues when using webflow for client projects? what has been your solution?

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As far as I know, you can only send forms to one email if you are using Webflows forms. For mailchimp, you can embed their form right on the site and they would process the forms. So that would give you your two different email recipients.

Your Webflow account comes with 500 form submissions per website (with paid hosting plan). I haven’t had any clients need more than that yet.

Hope that helps. :smile:


Like it has been mentioned you can hook up you Webflow form with MailChimp.

Every site has their own form submission settings so you can give the form on your clients site their email to send form submissions to.

@pixelpanda @AlexN thanks…yeah i was aware about mailchimp and the submission form limits…what i wanted to do was have one account for all of my clients so that i have one dashboard with all my clients sites … it sounds like that isn’t possible and i would have to have a separate account for each of my clients due to the forms.

I am not sure I follow.

Every project has its own settings section within one dashboard. Each site can have a different email setup with that sites form.

Is that what you had in mind?

ahhhhhhhhh you are right!!! thanks. for some reason i was thinking i saw the form settings under my main account settings but it is fact in each site’s settings. perfect!!! thanks for the clarification.


Make sure your client knows that the first 500 form submissions each month are free and after that they are 1cent each I believe.

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