20 Collection list limit notice not accurate

I manage this site for my client.
It is giving me the notice that I have reached my 20 collection list limit when I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I can’t place ANYTHING on the page, not even a plain text block or empty div.
This problem is only occurring on the properties pages.
This is an example of a CMS property page.

Here is my read-only link:

Please help!

Hi Stephanie, it looks like you have 21 collection lists on the page.

Nav bar symbol = 6
NavbarMobile symbol = 4
Main page = 11
Footer symbol = 0

I did not go through them in any detail, but there are probably some unnecessary or low-value parts in there that could be structured differently. In some cases, you can also structure a page to use CMS collections more effectively by using a bit of script to relocate and clone items throughout the page.