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Hover to Click Interactions On Mobile - Need Help

I have a section on my website that use hover interactions. (It’s the “WHAT WE DO” aka Services Section.)

I’ve learned that Webflow doesn’t currently support different media queries for interactions, which is fine, but I need help understanding how to solve for mobile. It seems there is some built in behavior for using hover interactions on mobile that happen when the object is clicked - What I need is to learn more about what’s going on so I can figure out a work around to get it to do what I want, which is how it works on desktop (with hover), only controlled by clicks instead.

On Tablet/Mobile - Clicking each box in the section does pretty much to what I want it to do (makes list of services appear) but clicking again does nothing…What I want is the services list to go away on second click within the box. Interestingly, clicking a different box makes the original boxes service list go away and the new boxes services list to appear.

This is a bit confusing since I would expect it to mimic the hover interaction on desktop, except be initiated by clicks instead of hover on Tablet/Mobile (first click for “hover on”, second click for “hover off”.

I’m not super experience in Webflow yet so I could definitely use help figuring out a solution from someone a bit more familiar with Webflow than I am at this point.

Thanks for your help!

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