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Hover state not updating on scroll

Hi there!

I’m having some trouble with my hover states:

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When you hover over an element then scroll, the hover state for that element stays visible, even if the curser is on another element. It seems it should update to the new item the curser is hovering over?

In the designer and preview, the hover state updates as you scroll, so not sure what the problem is?

Example in browser (only updating once you stop scrolling):

May-31-2021 15-54-08

Example in the designer/preview (updating as it should):

May-31-2021 15-53-07

Is this just a browser thing? Any way of fixing it? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yeah, that’s super annoying. I found this on a forum saying it might be a Chrome issue, but there might be a fix – but I’m not sure. Here’s the link:

Also, extremely sleek site dude – loving it!

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