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Hover state stuck until refresh

Hi all! I’m having some trouble with hover states. I have 4 case study thumbnails on my portfolio that are supposed to swap images upon hover. In the designer it works perfectly fine, but on the published site, the thumbnails are stuck on the hovered state until I refresh. After refreshing, it works as it’s supposed to, until I close out of the tab and try it again.

I’ve tried clearing my cache and going onto incognito mode, but the thumbnails still initially load stuck. I also asked someone else to test it out and they had the same issue.

Anyone able to help out with this?

Here’s my live site:
Scroll down to see the 4 thumbnail images.

I don’t notice a problem on my end, all four of the hover states work for me :+1:

Is the issue persisting when visiting the site in incognito with all browser extensions disabled? For reference, I’m on Windows 10 and the newest version of Chrome.

Hmm, interesting. Yes, the issue still persists even in incognito with no browser extensions. When I refresh or open the inspector, it’s jarred back into working fine.

I also updated my computer (High Sierra 10.13.6) and am on the latest Chrome.

It does work on mobile, so I think something’s up with my computer…