Hover out animation is jumpy/not smooth for simple translation

Hey, I have a simple hover in/out animation set up for some mini cards. When you hover the card it moves into it’s slot by going +1rem in X and Y. Hover out just moves it back to it’s starting position 0 for X and Y.

The hover in animation is nice and smooth, but the hover out animation seems to just jump into place. Even when extending the animation time, it snaps back into the starting position rather than moving smoothly.

Any tips appreciated!

ANSWERED MY OWN ISSUE while making a reproducible example. here’s the solution for anyone else:
I was translating from 1rem to 0px. I don’t think the animation engine liked that change units. I changed it to translate from 1rem to 0rem. It now works!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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