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Hover on dropdown closes other drop downs when hovered over (desktop)

Hi there,

I am fairly new to Webflow and just can’t figure out this issue with the dropdown on my nav bar. Essentially I want a dropdown on the main nav bar when when chosen shows 3 drop downs - I want to be able to use the hover effect so that when you mouse over each of the drop downs you should be able to see the links within these - unfortunately from the example here when I hover the first drop down under the menu the other two below it disappear - which is not what I want ideally I want the user to continue mousing over the selection and be able to reach the next dropdown option - yes I know I can disable hover and the use clicks each drop down but for desktop its best that drop downs just work seamlessly on hover even if they are one after another from the main menu - let me know if I have missed a setting or can remedy this somehow.

Many thanks Jay

I enclose a preview to the test site shown below - any guidance is appreciated.