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Hover Interaction for Multiple Items at the same Time

I would like to add hover styles for multiple items inside a section which works at the same time.

As you could see on the screenshot above, I would like the background of the section to be changed (this is the only thing I could do), have a blue overlay on the image and change the color of the link text at the same time.

Is it possible?

Also can I add a link to a section? Or should I build it from start using a link block if I want all the section to be clickable?

First of all welcome to the community. The thing you’re trying to achieve can be done using custom hover interaction. I have designed it and sharing the read-only link. If you are new to custom interactions then you need to learn the base concepts. I hope my solution will help.

Check out these tutorials on interactions. Should be able to achieve what you need using it: