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Hover interaction doesn't work really good

I made the interactions for a hovering BUT I’m having some troubles. When I hover in the background, everything looks good, but if I hover on top of the word that I made appearing with hovering, then the word starts sparkling. Is this a bug? Or am I doing it wrong?

Is there any problem with collection lists on hovering? I have the feeling that this could be the problem…

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Thanks for your help in advance!


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Hi, I cant see what anything sparkling,
Do you mean the 3 images on the right hand side words or something else.
Please give a little more info.

Thanks iDATUS for your response.

I did another interaction and now it’s not sparkling but still have some troubles.

What I want to do is to hover on top of the 3 images on the right side and then the image must be hidden and the word shown, which is happening half way. I have 3 elements: a link block, an image and a word.

Problems I can not solve:

  • I can not hide the word before the hovering. I think the interaction action is not complete.

  • When I hover on top of the link block, the hover is working. But if I put the mouse on top of the word or the image, the interaction is not working.

I understand this is happening because the word and the image haven’t got interactions on hovering, but I don’t know how to make the interaction flows. The image and word must show/hide when I hover the whole link block perimeter/area (also on top of the word, in the center of the link block).

Also, I want to keep the word instead the image when I click on it, and I’ve tried to do a 2nd interaction by clicking without success. As you can see, it’s a collection list.

Thanks a lot for your help!