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Hosting transferred between new and old site

Hey all fellow webflow’ers,

Hope you can help me answer my question.

I’m currently working on my mainsite with a designer, in the interim I have created and hosted a simple one pager.

I will be done with the main site shortly.

Is there a way I can transfer the hosted solution, that is already paid for, or do I really need to re-pay for a new hosting and re-direct my DNS settings again?

Hope someone can help clarify for me.


Hi all,

Just bumping this post again, hoping to get an answer.

You mean you have created 2 sites under your webflow account and you’d wish to transfer one onto the other which has the domain set on?

No you can’t. So yes you need to re-direct the domain again, which is kind of easy now that you have figured it out for the temporary site. there is nothing to do again on your registrar end, only remove the domain from the temp site and add it to the real one.

As for having to re-pay, you can ask about that directly to and see what they say.

Hope this helps.

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