Host webflow site in a subfolder

I currently host a webflow project under a subdomain but would like to place it in a subfolder inside of a bigger project, so:

Can this be done?


This might be helpful:

Hi Tomas,

Yes, it’s completely possible to host your webflow project under a subfolder rather than a subdomain!

Webflow doesn’t provide this functionality out of the box unless you’re an enterprise customer so you may have to find a different solution if you’re not an enterprise customer.

The term for the piece of software that can enable this kind of hosting is called a “reverse proxy server”. If you’re technical, one option is to setup a Cloudflare worker script that sits in front of your website and directs traffic based on your setup. A quick google can help you set this or any other reverse proxy server.

This can be a good solution but unless you know how to code, it can be hard to setup and maintain reliably. The other option you have is using a no code reverse proxy solution like Subfold.

Hope this helps!

Thanks chickencoder. I would have to set up a custom hosting to do this at my end, which costs a lot of $$$. Am currently looking at other options …