Horizontal top nav text Index responsive scale to full width on desktop and mobile


I have tinkered around with this for a while and I think there is something I am missing about “break points” however, I don’t want the text to “break” as in go to the next line, rather I want it to scale according to the maximum width available and disperse the four links accordingly.

Thread I had searched / tried to learn from
Forum Webflow - Responsive resize of heading text on Mobile

My main example that I am essentially trying to replicate as a way to learn.

How can I get as close to the OMA example as possible (to understand you need to swith between mobile and desktop and notice the top heading nav bar scaling)

Is this possible with Webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only: www.philwilson.ca

Use the “vw” unit when sizing the text.

I will play around with the setting now,

To be clear (as I am a beginner)
I am changing this attribute at the “NavLink” level, when literally having the text selected within my Nav BarDiv / Main-nav-link. Also I am changing this on the desktop version of the code, and not with the mobile portrait logo selected at the top of the designer?



    April 30


Use the “vw” unit when sizing the text.

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