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Hej Guys,

Tried to recreate the super nice “Life after Webflow” section on this site https://webflow.com/customers/heco but I am having a lot of troubles.

First I tried to use and clone or recreate serveral already existing projects like:

  1. https://webflow.com/website/Starry-Skies-Sticky-Horizontal-Scroll-Demo
  2. https://webflow.com/website/Side-Scrolling-with-IX2?s=side-scrolling-in-ix2
  3. https://webflow.com/blog/creating-horizontal-scrolling
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05frGyjyZvE

All of them seam not to work anymore, have some glitchy issues. They look good in the project preview or online, but as soon I clone them, the are not working anymore?! Does anybody have a Idea why the weren’t working anymore? Updates?

Or does somebody have a working horizontal scrolling website, which I can use to rebuilt?

I also tried to do it my self with this tutorial (https://redstapler.co/pure-css-horizontal-scrolling-website-tutorial/), with this one I have the Issue that I can’t change the overflow setting of the outer-wrapper to: overflow-y: scroll; and overflow-x: hidden; because there is no way to create custom css in the free version of webflow.

Thanks in advance,

Horizontal scrolling - Vincent Template

You can’t go wrong wihen dealing with Vincent’s projects.

@Jeandcc this is awesome—is there a Webflow project link also (not just read-only link)?

There’s a clone option on the top-right side of the project.

Aha! I don’t know how I missed that :smile: thank you!

@fabiandraxl just saw you’re based in Vienna also, great to see you here! :smile:

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Hej Jeandcc, i tried to use his template … but i still have a lot of trouble with it and it isn’t working correctly after cloning it …

Hehe, nice to meet you. Did you all-ready create your horizontal scrolling page?
Would be nice to see, if you managed to built it?! :slight_smile:

Hello Fabian, let me help you out then. Feel free to shoot me a private message so we can figure out what are the causes for your problems