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Horizontal scroll without animation


how can i make horizontal scroll without animation ( by touch ) like this:

thank you :slight_smile:

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  1. Drag a div onto the canvas and give it a width of 100%
  2. Set overflow to auto
  3. Drag another div inside the one above. Set the property to flex: horizontal
    4 Then put all the cards/content boxes inside this last div

You will have a horizontal ‘made-in-webflow’ carousel


cool thank you

but how can i scroll it horizontal now?
by touch in mobile and swip to see more liek the gif attached before… ?

It will happen natively.

I made a test version here a long while ago;

Live version:

Go to the second page titled @ jcoger . You can copy and paste the carousel to your project and take it from there.


thank you bro
its worked 100% (Y)

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Thank you, this really helped Alex! :slight_smile: