Horizontal Scroll Section

Hey to all :raised_hands:
Anybody know how to do (and is it even possible) horizontal scroll section not 100vh?

I mean this horizontal scroll: https://youtu.be/05frGyjyZvE?t=2559


Hey @bro-design

I’m working on a project who has almost the same design. Just make the centered div the height you want and target that div when applying the scroll interaction.

Try following Nelson and I can show you from there.

Piter :webflow_heart:


@PeterDimitrov is this somehow related to the position: sticky?

Could you show it on test scene? http://broplayground.webflow.io/horizontal-scroll-section


Maybe my question first question is not correct… I try find solution to horizontal scrolling and so that the upper and lower sections are visible at the same time:

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I think position sticky will be a part of the structure. I need to try

Do you have any ideas?

Hi, I want to ask have you figure out this problem? I have encountered the same problem and I still can not find a way to fix it.

Hi, @Dabacus_Accounts

No, I did not find a solution and had to abandon this concept.

I think you can find the answer here.

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