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Precise div width question

Hello everyone,

I would like to accomplish the following thing.

I would like to have a div1 (or container) that has a 100% width. Inside that element I would like to have another element (div2 probably) that is going to have a width depending on the stuff inside.

I want to put images inside with 50% width.
Image3 …

I want to get all the images one next to the other, if I have 2 of course I will have 2 50% width images, so the 100% total width, but if I have 3 I would like mi Div2 width to be 150% and to have an horizontal scroll that appears to scroll and see the next image. If 5 images width of 250% and so one.

Is this possible?

Ps. I did it with a determined div2 width, but couldn do that the width depends on the quantity of images.

Thank you!

Hi @ollo

Yes it is possible - please see this small demo i made for you

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Man thank you very much for doing this so quickly and so perfectly!

Idk why it doesnt work for me but I’ll figure it out.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thank you really


if you are trying to do it on the product template page in div block 5, - thats the only place where I saw you sort of had the setup you are talking about - you should set it up like this:

and the images will start to scroll

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Everything works perfectly, you are awesome, thank you very much.