Horizontal Scroll Not Working on Chrome

Hi everyone,

I have tried to create my horizontal scroll section for my portfolio images but it is not working when I publish it on Chrome. It works in preview fine, and also on Safari. Not sure what is happening here. Any help super appreciated :)


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Seems to be working fine for me!

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Thank you for checking Rory. Seems like it’s only on my end.

Do you have the same problem in an incognito tab?

No I don’t! :O I just tried that and it works on incognito. I wonder why.

Could be due to caching or maybe an extension!

For Windows, shift+f5 hard refreshes the page which purges some of the cache.

Otherwise, you can try to reopen the browser or clear cache somewhere in your settings (varies per device and browser)

Ahhh!! That worked! Thank you! I feel silly for not trying all of that before thinking I made a mistake… Yay :D

Always keep the caching in mind! Glad we found a solution.

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