Horizontal Scroll broken in Brave browser

This website I built earlier this year (https://www.kogiflow.com/) and it’s worked fine for months but I checked it out again today specifically on Brave browser and it side scrolls, but scrolls down before it finishes reaching the end. It works correctly in basically any other browser including chrome.

I should also mention I built it in Brave and it’s worked correctly before as it’s my main browser.

Any ideas why it would just randomly stop working right?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kogiflow

HI @John_Martinez it is strange behaviour on the newest versions of browsers. It is not only Brave but also Arc, Edge. Safari has other issues mainly with fonts. I have checked on my second comp where I do not have the latest versions where horizontal scroll worked on all of these (older browsers) as expected.

This video shows the latest browsers.

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hi @John_Martinez I have found the hotfix: you have on your element with class main-sec set padding-bottom: 100vh just remove it. :person_shrugging:

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Oh wow thank you that did the trick! I appreciate the help :pray: