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Homepage loads partially scrolled- Please help?

Hi Folks,

I need some help as I’m at my end with a key issue. Every time I load/refresh the homepage of this site: it loads “Partially scrolled” instead of at the top. I have no forms with autofocus, and I’ve tried a page load interaction on the BODY element to adjust with no success. May I kindly ask if others have experienced this?

Many Thanks for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hmmm, I’ve never seen this myself and it seems to only happen on page load/refresh as clicking your “Home” link gives a normal result.

Other than Memberstack, are you using any custom code? Also, any chance we could get a read-only link to check out the elements within the designer?

Here is my read only link: Thank you!

PS, I’m not using much custom code at this point but will confirm. thanks for the question!

I don’t see anything that sticks out as being the issue, however on your page load interaction for your navigation I am seeing a lot of warning icons that you may want to remove as a test:


Not sure if this is due to removing some elements that were targeted, however it’s worth testing. Unfortunately I don’t see the issue in the Designer so you’ll need to make the changes and republish the site to test.

Those errors are because I had to make an instance for each page. so when editing the next page, the “Navbar-Container” next on the list will show up. as no other pages are affected, I’m not certain this is the culprit. perhaps some template left-overs are causing the issue. Thank you kindly for taking a look. I may rebuild the homepage if necessary. Thanks!

SOLVED! There was a hidden object on the page that I missed. Thank you!