Hired front end developer jobs just only webflow skills?


Do you think possible to hired as a front-end developer just with only webflow skill ?or is there any example from you guys?

Maybe you can find this question ridiculous. But You are familiar with the development process of many web projects. I wonder where WebFlow is in the industry.


Webflow could be considered as a plus but basic skills for a front-end developer job are HTML, CSS and JS.

But this is a really interesting question for webflow users and a good idea for a workshop

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i’ve covered this question before in previous workshops.

When you need to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, you can easily pick up a rock and hit it in. But then humans invented the hammer which makes this process easier. Then after that we created nail guns to make this process even faster.

Hand-coding is like a rock. It’s simple, reliable but new tools like Dreamweaver came out to make this process easier. Webflow is like a nailgun which makes this process even more easier and faster.

As long as you know the fundamentals of code, using Webflow shouldn’t be looked at like a handicap, but more of a tool that you use to speed up your process of coding.

Want proof? Challenge a seasoned front-end dev to a race. See who can code and publish a responsive webpage faster.


But what happen if a seasoned front-end-dev ask you to create a custom shopify theme or just modify a section on the current design on some client website?


This is the most inspiring webflow speech I’ve ever heard :v:


Good point. I am not a technical person, And I use the webflow for my own projects.

fiberbooks.com, boldcalendar.com ect.

I have never made a website for any clients.

How should a high-middle level webflow user define himself? I’m webflow expert? Web-master? Front-end?

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How about simply, Web Designer? Titles are just a quick summary of what your skills focus on.

What you do to with that title is what brands you as something more.


You are a web designer, webflow expert and once you learn more skills like css, html, js, sass etc… then you become a front-end developer.


Yes, exactly. To build on this I would also say to those who ask why we aren’t coding everything by hand from scratch, well it’s the same as building a house. Do you harvest the trees and plane the wood first, then build the house? No you buy the materials prefabricated and assemble as needed.

I think today a good web developer needs to understand the fundamentals of design and code but also find ways to improve workflow and save time. GitHub exists for a reason, as does Webflow and other tools.

If you are just starting out you could use Webflow to make a really great portfolio of work and pitch yourself as a UI designer, get your foot in the door and work on your next skillset.


This isn’t a measure of front end development skill and every dev on the planet knows this. It’s a marketing pitch. Hand coding and front end development are highly paid skills that takes years to master, Webflow can’t replace it, sorry.

Can you spit out a site in Webflow that is responsive? Sure. So what? I can use a tool like Bootstrap Studio and make a site even faster then I could in Webflow with more breakpoints that uses Bootstrap 4. It’s not a measure of skill, it’s just a measure of being able to use a piece of software.

No. You’ll need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript to be taken seriously in this industry. It’s just a tool, not a skill.

Do a quick search on job boards (Indeed, Dice, Authentic Jobs) and query the results for Webflow. Nationwide in the US, less then 100 results are returned, and all of those jobs have skill requirements outside of Webflow, primarily HTML, CSS, JS and a server-side language.

The only real path to take as a Webflow Designer is the small agency or freelance route. Don’t believe me? Ask these same questions on other forums like /r/webdev, /r/webdesign, stackoverflow, Hacker News, etc.


I agree. I don’t really understand why somebody who isn’t a UI/UX Designer would want to try to get a job as a front end dev only using web flow. If that’s all you’re going to be doing, just learn how to code. Webflow is a tool for Designers.

… AND developers who need a tool to help code up the basic HTML/CSS of a page quickly then export it out.

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this thread… is still alive ?

Except dreamweaver would make sure the nail went in on a strange angle and somehow came out the other side. :joy:

In my down time at work i recreated a site (in webflow) we developed for a client in mura. It was a basic CMS site with about 6 pages nothing extraordinary. The mura dev process needed 4 people to get it running… designer, intdev, appdev and a producer to manage the project and it took weeks (serious).

Anyway i created the whole site on my own from design to build in 3 days.

The major plus side for me is that i didn’t have to go through the site and point out the obvious discrepancies between design and dev :roll_eyes: which is such a a pain in the butt and such a waste of time and it eats into the project margins.