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Highlighted text?

Hi! Does anytime know if its possible to create a highlighted text effect using webflow?
Similar to the image attached:)
Any help would be much Appreciated:)))

Hello Eddie,

of course it is possible:

  • add a “paragraph” to your project
  • set a “width” of 400px
  • mark every single line an press on “wrap in a span” ( brush)
  • add a “backgroundcolor” to the “span”

And have a look here:



Thank you!! You saved my web project haha

and one more thing, is it not possible to adjust the spacing within the “text span”?

Two ways:

  • go to “typography” add “height”


  • go to “display” and change the span to “block”
  • use “margin” and “padding”

Okay! Sick, imma try it out

Nice, need this right on. Tried it and it worked.
Thanks for sharing!!!

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Just curious… is there a way to animate the highlighted text so that when the page finishes loading the text becomes highlighted from left to right?