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Inline half height highlighted text

Hey guys, full on webflow and code newb here, is there anyway to create text with the styling in the attached image?



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same question here. Do you solve that?

Not when I was trying to do it myself! But yeah, I figured out a way using CSS.

You create your text, then add a span to the text you want highlighted, give the span class the name “half_background” (or whatever you want it to be, just make sure the naming is consistent in the CSS)

Then in the custom code for the page you’re on, add the following

.half_background { background: linear-gradient(to top, #FF0000 50%, transparent 50%); }

Save, then publish.

As with any custom code, you’ll only see it on the published website, not in the Webflow designer. Hope that helps you, I can do a clonable site if that would be a little clearer for you.

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Without custom code:

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That’s a really smart alternative! Thanks man!

@Iain_Brady no problem :v::blush:

Thank you! I was struggling with this for the longest. Had to learn how to add custom code with the embed HTML block.

So I’m not sure if it was something that I was missing, but I found a way to do this that doesn’t involve any code.

Add a text box and create your text, highlight it and wrap with span. Add a colour background and then create a gradient. You can drag the gradient to be a hard line or a soft line, depending on your preference.

sample highlight

Great solution thanks

You are welcome) By the way, check this solution: Advanced text highlight using inner shadow — Webflow tutorial - YouTube

Thanks for the video.

I bookmark your website to have a look later at all the tricks, great work and thanks for share this.

Romuald Jay