Hide/Disable the URL-path after section scroll

Hello dear Webflow users;),

I‘ve got the „Problem“, that if I want to use the section-scroll function in Webflow, so that if I click a button, the page scrolls automatically to the section-ID I selected. And the main problem I have with that, is, that I can also find the section-ID in the URL-path after the sub-domain. And I think, that this is pretty annoying, because if I reload the page, the URL doesn‘t reset to the sub-domain.

To come to an end, I just wanted to ask here, if someone knows a solution for this „problem“, or if I can hide or disable this path.

I am pretty shure, that the change of the URL was also the intention of the webflow team, but to be honest. I don‘t like that side effect.

I‘d be happy for every reply on this threat:,)