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Hide collection list items based on current page URL?

I’m setting up a events site that publish events trough a collection. In the collection template page I have a registration form (webflow form) for people to register to the event. This form is sendt to Integromat (a Zapier alternative) to generate a new collection item in a separate ‘Participants collection’ based on the form submission form the event.

When the form is submitted I use an embed element inside the form with a script that sends the page URL with the form data. I use this to identify what event the registration form is submitted from. The page URL is added to a collection field in the participants collection items. So far so good.

The participants collection list is embedded back in the events collection template page to show the participants that have signed up the event, but how can I hide the participants not relevant for the current event?

I have the page URL in the participants collection items that identifies the event, but how can I use this page URL to hide the participants that is not relevant for the current event?

Ideally the collection list filter should have a ‘collection field > Equals > slug’

Any ideas on how this can be done? :thinking:


Read only link:

important - filter by slug (Not url) - otherwise your code will break on io page + on any domain change in the future (With/without WWW).


No way - to filter the list by current slug. The solution only by custom code.

My idea - add custom data-attribute for “slug” - add this data to each participant item. Your list should look something like this:

<div data-slug="event-1">Ben</div>
<div data-slug="event-3">Ali</div>
<div data-slug="event-1">Bar</div>

Very easy to get the slug on webflow (Build-in var):
<input type="hidden" name="slug" value="{{webflow-slug-her}}"/>

Then filter the list by javascript (If slug == evnet3 ==> do something)
Filter example (Not related to slug):

“The problem” is more freelancer’s mission (No way to give you full answer her).

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Hi @Siton_Systems, thanks for your great input! This looks like a solution, I will look more in to it when I’m starting to build the site next week!