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Hidden from Showcase?

Hey everyone,

I recently finished a project and was really happy with the way it turned out. I wanted to share it with the community so I created a showcase page for it. But when I went to see it in the showcase, it was nowhere to be found. I’m wondering if I’m doing (or not doing) something that’s preventing it from showing up in the showcase.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.51.46 AM

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Greg, I ran into this same issue once. Then I realized you get one shot to showcase your project. If you turn off showcasing and turn it back on later, it’s still going to be published on the day you first published it.

In your case, it appears you published the project on November 12, 2019, took it down, and republished it weeks later. So if you go back far enough, you should be able to find the project.

To solve this problem, clone your project, delete the previous one, and showcase it. Webflow will treat it as a new project that’s being showcased for the first time.

This system actually makes sense. It prevents users from spamming/manipulating the showcase. Otherwise, they would be able to publish and republish their projects constantly to remain featured on the first page.

Hope that helps, all the best.

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Thanks for solving this mystery. I think I hit the button because I was interested in what would happen. You live and you learn right?

Happens all the time, cheers :slight_smile: