Can't showcase site


I’m trying to showcase my sites but it keeps saying all of your projects are already showcased - but they aren’t. Has anyone else had this issue?


Hi Alice,

Same problem here. Is this a kind of limitation. I have 28 projects showcased. You?

@PixelGeek > do you know something about this issue? Thanks for a reply.

*Update: Now it’s working again. No idea why.

I have the same issue. None of my projects are showcased and when I click on Showcase my site it says that all my projects are already showcased :thinking:

I have the same exact issue.

I only have 2 projects which are NOT showcased. Why am I having this issue when nothing is showcased?

Ok we are four of us facing the same issue. Any help pr comment by the webflow team? Maybe @Waldo or @PixelGeek? Would be great to hear from you so we can go on sharing our projects with the webflow community.

I’ve got the same issue… Please help

I’m also having the same issue. I only have 4 showcased sites.

Bizarrely mine started working again the following day, no rhyme or reason as to why it wasn’t letting me showcase them at first. I was using my work account rather than this one, but I don’t think that would make a difference.

Having the same issue!

Having the same issue here — I only have 1 project showcased and can’t showcase my second project.

Welcome to the community @DylanO @MattBlak @emilestrike & @Japheth_Crawford!

Just as a heads up, Webflow Support doesn’t regularly check the community for bugs and such, so reaching out to them directly is the best way to report these types of things.

Every so often someone an employee will respond or pass along an issue to the team, but the majority of active users around here are other Webflow users so the quickest way to relay an issue like this is through the link above.

You can also report an issue with a specific project directly in the Designer by clicking the question mark icon in the bottom left, then Help & Feedback, then “Send us feedback or a help request” :+1:

Hello everybody!

Alejandra here, I’m an engineer at Webflow, just wanted to confirm to everybody on this thread that we did indeed have an issue with showcasing projects, but we were able to find the bug and the fix is now live, you should be able to showcase your projects.

Thank you so much for your patience, hope everybody has a wonderful week :slightly_smiling_face: