Hidden form field for an Original Referrer URL

I have been asked by the Marketing team to have a hidden field that shows the Original Referrer (previous page URL with an ad/article that a user clicks through to the Webflow site from). I added the hidden field and added some code in the page body and in the form but it’s not creating a new field in the Settings - Forms or pulling through the original referrer URL. I have included a read only link on a test page below. Can anyone please help me with this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Fortnight

Hi Julia, I’m guessing you’re trying to do this o your Contact page?
I see the hidden field there;


However I’m unable to locate the script that populates it.

Note that even with a perfect setup, HTTP referrer data isn’t always passed. cGPT gives a decent summary of several of the factors that impede referrer transmission.

Cross-site HTTP referrer URLs do not always work as expected. There are a few factors that can cause referrer information to be missing or altered, including:

  1. Browser Policies: Some browsers may not send the referrer information by default or may have settings that allow users to disable sending referrers.
  2. Security Settings: When navigating from an HTTPS site to an HTTP site, most browsers will not send the referrer due to security reasons, as it may expose sensitive data.
  3. Referrer-Policy Header: The server hosting the referring website might have set a Referrer-Policy header that dictates the browser’s behavior when sending referrer information. For example, the policy can be set to “no-referrer,” in which case the browser will not send referrer information.
  4. Meta Referrer Tag: The referring website might have a meta referrer tag in the HTML head section that controls referrer behavior. For instance, it can be set to “no-referrer” or “origin” to limit the information sent in the referrer.
  5. Privacy Extensions and Plugins: Some browser extensions or plugins designed for privacy protection may block or modify the referrer information sent by the browser.