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Grab referrer as hidden field

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the referring domain as a hidden field whenever someone submits a form. Anyone here knows how I can accomplish this?


In the Webflow designer:

  • Add a field to your form.
  • Make sure that this field is not a required field.
  • Give the field an ID of hidden-field (instructions here)
  • Set the new field to display none.

Then on the page with the form, add this snippet to the body code.

// Make a reference to the form field
const hiddenField = document.getElementById('hidden-field');

// Get the referrer domain
const referrer = document.referrer.split('/')[2];

// If there is a referrer then set the field value
if (referrer) {
    hiddenField.value = referrer;
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Hi @jasondark sorry for replying so late, missed the email notification in my inbox. Thanks a lot, this was helpful setting it up!

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Hey jason, what does the refferal URL have to look like for this to work?

Doesn’t seem to be catching it for me.

It just needs to be a URL. Not all pages will have the referrer set necessarily.

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Would this work if for example

Facebook → Home Page->Contact Us (Form Submit)

Hidden Field = Facebook?