Hi! My website is loading really slow on safari

Hi! I’m a designer with some coding skills; I’ve built multiple websites in Webflow and have never had this problem before; nevertheless, my website is loading extremely slowly in Safari; I’ve tested it on Chrome and Edge and it works perfectly; do you have any suggestions to fix it?

I realize there are a lot of videos, but this was requested by the client, and despite my warning that it would effect performance slightly, he is sticking with the plan. Right now, it takes roughly 15 to 20 seconds to load on Safari and 2-3 seconds on Chrome and any other browser.

Also It is giving me some issues on the mobile menu, when I click on Partners it takes me to last point in Safety section and at the bottom you can just see the word “Partners” and when I click on Government tab it doesn’t show the logos unless I scroll, this only happens when I first load the website, so I think it might be a cache issue, but I have no idea how to fix it, I’ve tried everything I know within the menu section

Thank you so much for your any help, is really appreciated.

Here is the read only: Webflow - kinara-website

And this is the live website: http:// https://kinara-website.webflow.io/

Hi @natalia2be

Have you found a solution? I’m running into the same problem, but your website looks smooth now on Safari. Did you manage to fix it?